Our student ambassadors are a diverse representation of our collegial student body. They are involved on campus and in the community. They are proud to share with you what Cumberland School of Law has to offer, why they chose to pursue their law degree here, and why they love it. If you would like advice during your decision-making journey to attend law school, please contact our Office of Admission to be connected with one of our ambassadors.

Would you like to ask a student ambassador a question? Email lawambassadors@bigcinema-tv.net.

The 2023-2024 Student Ambassador application will open on Jan. 16 and close on Jan. 27. Stop by the Office of Admission or email nbattles@bigcinema-tv.net with questions.


Photo of Saharah Allen
Saharah Allen
The moment I stepped into the building I could tell how welcoming and friendly everyone was. It made me feel comfortable and like I belonged.
Photo of Natalie Beckerink
Natalie Beckerink
It’s kind of a part of my testimony, but I originally wanted to go to Samford for undergrad because it’s where I thought God was leading me.
Photo of Elena Cassinelli
Elena Cassinelli
Lead Ambassador
I chose Cumberland because of the community and the opportunities to be involved. I knew that I would be encouraged and pushed to excel here. I felt that I would have the opportunity to pursue the various things that I was interested in and would be supported by the school and the people in it.
Photo of Kalen Early
Kalen S Early
I chose Cumberland because of the collegial atmosphere that is present here. The “dog-eat-dog” mentality between law students simply does not exist at Cumberland.
Photo of Delaney Holmes
Delaney Holmes
I grew up moving around a lot and was looking for a place that felt like home. The second I stepped foot on campus, it was evident there was something special about this place.
Photo of Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson
I chose Cumberland because of the opportunities it provides in the Birmingham legal community. Also, because I wanted to be located close to my family.
Photo of David Lindsey
David Lindsey
I chose Cumberland because it was similar to the environment I experienced at my undergrad institution.
Photo of Walker  McCrary
Walker McCrary
Lead Ambassador
I chose Cumberland because of the location, the opportunities, the networking, and the community.
Photo of Sadler McKeen
Sadler McKeen
I chose Cumberland because I valued a strong sense of community while going through law school. I am also from Birmingham and wanted to go where I could build and strengthen relationships with family, friends, and professionals.
Photo of Ashlyn Payne
Ashlyn Payne
I chose Cumberland because I wanted to go to school in a city that didn’t feel like another college town experience.
Photo of Alexandra Sexton
Alexandra Sexton
I chose Cumberland because it felt like home. Now I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true.
Photo of Destiny Stewart
Destiny Stewart
I am extremely family oriented and tend to thrive most in environments that make me feel at home. While touring Cumberland, the campus felt familiar and reminded me of everything I loved about my undergrad. The relationships between the staff, professors, and students were unmatched and everyone I talked to about the school only had positive things to say.
Photo of Treasure Sutton
Treasure Sutton
Cumberland has a rich history of generating greatness.
Photo of Clare Tomberlin
Clare Virginia Tomberlin
I chose Cumberland because of the reputation that Cumberland attorneys have nationally. I have always heard that Cumberland attorneys are great people.